English version

Valentina Di Bennardo, EN, AR and FR > IT translator

TRANSLATOR & PROOFREADER: +10 years’ experience in translation

Fields of specialisation:

  • Food (oenology; gastronomy; menus; recipes; publications)
  • Enterprise (international commerce; internationalisation; marketing);
  • Industry & technology (furniture; constructions; user’s manuals; data sheets; product descriptions; web sites; marketing materials);
  • Education (vocational education; school & educational programs);
  • Media & art (art; publishing; journalism; literature; public relations);
  • Human and social sciences (archeology; architecture; art; literature);
  • Spare time and tourism (hotellerie, tourism, travels, congresses & meetings).


  • Environment & ecology;
  • Law (contracts; international law; documents);
  • Industry & technology (general);
  • IT(software);
  • Politics & human and social sciences (ethnology; philosophy; psychology; religion; history).

Sworn translator at the Court of Palermo. 

EVENT MANAGER (specialised on foreign affairs & internationalisation)

9 years’experience in design, organisation and management of cultural and scientific events; promotion of typical food&wine products abroad and expert advice for international commerce; event manager for incoming (target: Sicily, Italy) and outgoing missions.


  • Since 2004:  Private teacher of English and Arabic languages (for all educational grade students)
  • Since January 2014: Teacher of Arabic language & Event Management — on-line courses
  • 2013/2014: Teacher of English language and event management for vocational courses in Sicily


I took my degree in foreign languages and literatures in Palermo after several experiences abroad (Middle East, Northern Africa, France, Malta, and the UK). Then, I decided to come back home to Sicily and dedicated myself to translations and events. 


- translation and proofreading (from English, Arabic, French to Italian)

- sworn translations

- teaching 

- counsel for international commerce (events, commercial missions, social media management, e-commerce, etc.)

- blogging on events, culture, and food & wine.